Massage Therapy & Yoga




I am a Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor with the Natural Healthcare Practitioner’s of Canada.

I offer a holistic approach to pain management. We work together as a team to individualize a plan that will best support your lifestyle and needs. Remedial home care is essential in ensuring that you will receive all of the benefits that massage therapy has to offer. You can expect to leave your first session with a plan that may or may not involve stretching, strengthening, breathing exercises, hydrotherapy, rest, meditation or a referral to another practitioner.

I believe our bodies hold an intrinsic wisdom that is continually trying to guide us towards a state of balance and wellness. Stress, trauma, pain, and disease create disconnection, miscommunication and entanglements among these lines of intelligence. My work is to provide guidance and support on how to re-wire these lines. To facilitate the liberation of this intrinsic wisdom.